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Soulmate Clarity is a 30 day program that will take you from feeling confused and uncertain whether the person you're dating is your soulmate to having the clarity you need to confidently break up or get engaged without second-guessing your decision.

You will receive:

  • Four coaching sessions with a Soulmate Clarity coach for your assessment, feedback, and guidance

  • A customized 3QC Report with a summary of your Current Relationship Status

  • Access to the library of pre-recorded videos to guide you through the Soulmate Clarity process

  • Fillable worksheets that accompany the videos for your own reference and to submit to your coach

  • The confidence and clarity you need to break up or get engaged without second-guessing your decision

Let go of confusion and uncertainty.
Welcome in confidence and clarity.

What People Are Saying:

I started dating around 18, and was sure that I would be married within the year... But God had other plans, and ten years later, I found myself dating the kind of guy I had never pictured myself with... For me, an over-thinker and the kind of person who analyzes everything, Soulmate Clarity was exactly what I needed to help me reconcile what I was feeling in my heart with what was playing in my brain and gave me the "proof" I needed to confidently get engaged! I can honestly say that it is because of Aleeza and Soulmate Clarity that I am now married to my Mr. Right! Well, them and God.

Sara Z, New Jersey

I'm in a great and really healthy relationship but I was letting my anxiety get the better of me and couldn’t allow myself to be confident that the person I’m dating is definitely the right person. Working through Soulmate Clarity in an intellectual and methodical way helped me see just how good things are and that she really is the right person for me.

Romain G, Israel

I broke up with him. Soulmate Clarity played a key role in helping me make the decision to end things. Best decision and I'm SO much happier being out of the relationship than I was in. It was not a good relationship for me. So really, thank you, thank you!

Melanie R, South Africa

$1,350.00 USD

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