$597.00 USD

Be Your Own Matchmaker

Learn all the tips and tricks from head matchmaker Shana Tibi and Aleeza Ben Shalom in order to find Your Person - without using dating apps! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session One:
• Who are you and what you bring to the relationship
• Create YOUR list of preferences, must haves, and dealbreakers

Session Two:
• Design your own stunning, one page bio
• Know how and where to use it

Session Three:
• How to begin a search online and offline for Your Person
• Personal challenge exercise

Session Four:
• Is the person you want - the person that wants you?
• Uncover any mismatches / discrepancies and commit to personal action steps

Session Five:
• Advocate for yourself and your dating safety
• Where to perform background checks
• Top tips for practical dating

Session Six:
• Aleeza and Shana's top resources to uplevel your dating experience

Plus, you'll receive exclusive member-only access to our Be Your Own Matchmaker WhatsApp group with Shana Tibi and Aleeza Ben Shalom.